The Artist

When we relate to someone from another culture, it is an expression of our collective humanity. That vulnerability, that connection, is the art. We have just made the world a smaller place.



James Stewart, Sculptor

This is where James is happiest. Creating to make a difference. 



James Stewart, Mentor

With experience ranging from sculpting, photography, visual effects, bronzing, graphics, film, character design and contemporary art, James regularly shares that knowledge to all ages. He even teaches the odd sculpture circle but they are rare so follow his newsletters to find out when.


James Stewart, CG

James’ art education is ongoing and practical, through working on such films as “Chronicles of Narnia,” “Harry Potter,” and “District 9″. The 10,000 hour rule kicked in after his first 5 years and now, after 20 years, the worlds of CG and traditional art have blurred where they are one. Just look at the marriage of the skill sets in the 3D Art Gallery.

James has come a long way from selling photocopiers and creating Visual Effects to get to a place where he can successfully carry out his own vision. It is probably one of the toughest things for an artist, who has been pushed by deadlines and collective opinions, to cut out the noise and produce for himself. “This is the best I can do” is difficult to say as he suddenly exposes himself.

James has always taught. He started one of the largest creature development/character departments in the world for Prince Caspian. Leading through example, building on a foundation of trust and art fundamentals, his training and tutoring still lets the artist shine. This has evolved to teaching at the university level at Quest.

The computer, with 30,000 hours sculpting on it, is a pretty good teacher. As the eye develops the language also becomes objective. Art has an infinite learning curve and its ultimate expression will always be the goal. But, the artistic foundation, like the height of a diving board, is the base from where you leap. With the world changing as fast as it is, the computer and the chisel are now one…a tool.

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